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Connell Insurance is one of the largest writers of waste haulers’ insurance in the Midwest, and some of our programs created specifically for our clients are now offered across the nation.

We’re very committed to serving the unique needs of this segment of the transportation industry.

In 2014, we formed the Midwest Independent Waste Hauler Association to give these organizations a stronger voice in decisions that affect their industry. That organization has grown to represent waste haulers in a four-state region.

Our expertise extends beyond waste haulers to embrace any GREEN related business including:

● Recycling Operations and Processors
● Remanufacturers
● Salvage Yards
● Landfills and Transfer Stations
● Bio Solid and Hazmat disposal
● Medical Waste Operations
● Refuse Equipment Dealers
● Tow Truck Operations

These types of services are considered high risk, not only for the workers’ compensation exposure, but also for auto liability and pollution. We’ve established strong relationships with carriers that can take care of all of your insurance needs including group benefits. (link group benefits)

The safer your operation, the lower your rates. We’re able to provide you with the tools you need to create a safer work environment for your employees including online safety training courses, OSHA training and customized wellness programs. And, our recruitment services can help you attract and retain the highest quality employees for your operation.

We can also help your company minimize workers’ comp claims. We partner with our clients to create customized solutions that can reduce the financial consequences of workers’ comp claims.

We offer:
● Dedicated claims managers to handle all of the details of your claims
● Physician partnerships that create committed attention for your claims
● Custom return-to-work programs to cap financial losses
● Workers’ comp attorney connections to protect your interests

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