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Mark Frye

Benefits Insurance Consultant

Mark was born in Houston, Tx. and his family moved to Springfield in 1987. Mark attended Parkview High school and went to Missouri State University for two years, eventually receiving his Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina. He joined the Army Reserve in 1993 and spent a year and a half in the reserve, then was married and became active duty in 1995. Mark spent 22 years on active duty with a background in communication, military intelligence, counter insurgency and counter terrorism. He has done multiple combat tours on small 8-10 man teams all over the world, and retired as a Command Sergeant Major in 2015.  Mark enjoys anything on the water and does float trips multiple times during the summer. He teaches self-defense classes to women, participates in shooting competitions; both long range and pistol, is an avid chess player, and loves working out in the gym.