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Apartments, Condominiums & Rental Houses

Landlords & Co-op Managers
As a landlord or co-op manager, your properties require specialized coverage that’s not offered by every insurance company. We work with carriers that can provide comprehensive liability coverage for your buildings and common areas at reasonable rates.

It’s not just your property that needs protection. If your organization has a board of directors or officers, they could be at risk if a lawsuit is filed against the entity.
We can help you access proper coverage to provide a layer of protection over personal assets in the event your entity is sued.

Condo Owners
As a condo owner, nightly rentals can be a nice way to earn some additional income from your investment property, but most homeowner’s policies don’t provide the coverage you need if something happens while a renter is under your roof.

You need a higher risk policy with a business endorsement. This is a specialty area for Connell Insurance. We’ll make sure you have the coverage you need to protect your investment and your assets.

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Tim Connell
Commercial Insurance Consultant

Tim Connell, Commercial Insurance Consultant

Tim Connell

Commercial Insurance Consultant