Connell Insurance

Commercial & Business Insurance

As a business owner, you need the right insurance coverage to protect your company and your employees. At Connell Insurance, we do that and so much more. As an independent agency, we have access to multiple choices for your property & casualty workers’ comp and employee benefits coverage. And though the best coverage for your business may come from multiple carriers, you benefit from having a single point of contact, your Connell agent, to manage it all for you.

But we don’t just copy policies and quote insurance. Our commitment to you and the success of your businesses goes much deeper. We’re your partner.

We offer client-exclusive risk mitigation services (link) to help you lower your risk and your rates. Our programs can connect you with online training resources, wellness programs and professional HR consulting to help you elevate your internal operations.

Our agents are trained to recognize waste in your current coverage and offer solutions that save you money without compromising your protection. Our unmatched customer service means our team is here for you when you report a claim, every step of the way.

We work with all types of businesses and have niche experts on our staff who specialize in these industries.