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Webinar: Coping With the Uncertainties In Today’s World

View the video from our June 9th educational opportunity webinar

The only thing that is certain is uncertainty. While unknowns are an inevitable part of life, it’s what we do with feelings of uncertainty that matters. Living with and overcoming uncertainties rather than simply coping and dealing with them, helps us become more resilient. When we can better understand the role of uncertainty in life, we can be better equipped to cope with our uncertainty and build our skills of resilience. And when we build skills of resilience we are better equipped to ride the wave of uncertainty to keep moving forward and achieving goals.

Bio of presenter, Sarah Neas:
Sarah is a Wellness Education Specialist with CoxHealth Corporate & Employee Wellness Department. Sarah graduated from Missouri State University with a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management. She has also recently received her Health Education Specialist certification. Sarah believes that total well-being does not consist of just nutrition and physical activity, but that total well-being holistically consists of other dimensions like social, emotional, occupational, environmental and intellectual wellness. Sarah’s passion is helping others live their best life through the power of health and total well-being.