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Employee Triage – How CoxHealth Can Help Our Local Employers

COVID-19 Updates

As we begin to approach what we expect to be the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in our area, we are committed more than ever to providing resources to protect individuals in our community. We recognize many of you are still in full business operations and share concerns regarding the spread of this virus in your facilities. At CoxHealth, we have reduced the number of entrances into our facilities and placed staff at each of the doors to perform a brief assessment and temperature check of all individuals entering our buildings (including our own employees).  We have found this to be a very effective approach to keep both our patients and staff safe. Many of you have inquired about contracting this service through CoxHealth and we are happy to make this available upon request. If you would like to learn more about this service and associated costs, please contact your Corporate Account Team via email at!

Updated COVID-19 Dashboard Data

There has been a lot of interest in the lab Dashboard Data, so we wanted to provide you with an update to the CoxHealth Dashboard.

As of 4/13/2020, CoxHealth has:

  • 54 positive tests out of 1,644 labs, with 65 results pending
  • Average days to results is 1.36
  • 8 positive inpatients and 17 pending (This has been level for over 10 days!)

New COVID Unit Completed

In just two weeks, a new unit for COVID-19 patients came to life at Cox South.  We are grateful for all of the individuals and organizations who helped make this a reality.  While we are hopeful it’s never needed, we are so glad to have it as a resource for patients in our community should it be necessary.   Below please find some pictures of this new space, along with a link to the inside video tour.

Right Direction – Projected Infections vs. Actual

Epidemiologists have calculated the transmission rate for COVID-19 globally to be 2.5.  This graph illustrates in orange where we would anticipate being with infections in Greene County versus where we are in actuality.  As illustrated, we are 3x lower than projections.  This means the mandated measures are working!

CoxHealth Retail/Walk-In Clinic Update

In a continued effort to do our part in reducing community spread of COVID-19, we would like to announce some updates to our retail/walk-in clinic locations.   Effective immediately, all of the retail clinics at Walmart (Springfield, Republic and Ozark locations) and Hy-Vee will be closed temporarily.

Alternate locations/options for care include:

CoxHealth Virtual Visits

CoxHealth Chesterfield Walk-In Clinic – Chesterfield Village (Springfield)

CoxHealth Center Republic (Temporary option for walk-in care)

Family Medical Care Center (Temporary option for walk-in care)

CoxHealth Ozark Urgent Care (Ozark)

CoxHealth Elfindale Urgent Care (Springfield)


Christmas Lights

Thanks to the suggestion of one of our great volunteers, Marilyn Prosser, Christmas lights will be on at all CoxHealth hospitals until we are through this crisis.  We hope this this can bring some cheer, joy, hope and faith to the communities we serve.

COVID-19 and Mental Health Needs

COVID-19 and its associated ramifications can wreak havoc with our mental health.  In the following video, Dr. Curtis Mattson, CoxHealth psychologist provides some suggestions to help us all get through this unknown time.  Other tips can be found on,, and

Mental Health & COVID-19 Video