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CoxHealth COVID-19 Updates 4/30


Video Update from Steve Edwards, CoxHealth President & CEO:

CoxHealth joins plasma clinical trial with Mayo Clinic

CoxHealth has joined a national clinical trial initiated by the Mayo Clinic to learn how convalescent plasma may help treat patients suffering from COVID-19. The health system is currently treating its first patient with the developing method of treatment.

“We hope that what we learn through these trials will help us develop treatment protocols to make a big difference in the months ahead,” says Dr. Anne Hayes, a pathologist at CoxHealth. “While we never want to be dealing with a situation such as this one, it is inspiring to be part of the solution.”

Plasma has historically been utilized in the early treatment of viral diseases before a vaccine becomes available. In the case of COVID-19, it is hoped that the antibodies in the plasma of recovered patients will offer help to those currently battling severe or life-threatening cases of the disease.

“Given how early we are in this process, projected outcomes aren’t proven, but we are hopeful that we will see successful treatment for COVID-19 as we have with other viral diseases,” says Dr. Hayes.

Patients who are interested and potentially eligible to donate convalescent plasma should reach out to their primary care provider or The provider will confirm that the patient meets eligibility requirements and send documentation to Community Blood Center of the Ozarks (CBCO).

Eligible donors will set up an appointment with CBCO to donate plasma, and that convalescent plasma will stay in the local community for patients with severe COVID-19 infections to potentially benefit from this product. CBCO is the sole provider of blood and blood products for all southwest Missouri and northwestern Arkansas hospitals and CoxHealth is tremendously grateful for the organization’s support.


Prime, Inc., donates $700,000 for new COVID-19 unit at Cox South:

CoxHealth is grateful to announce that Robert and Lawana Low, on behalf of Prime, Inc., have generously donated $700,000 towards the new COVID-19 unit at Cox South – a figure that covers all construction costs associated with the project.

“During this chaotic time, it’s important to come together as a community. So, when CoxHealth leadership told us about this need, we were glad to contribute,” says Robert Low, CEO of Prime, Inc. “We are all in this together. We will persevere and defeat this virus. We thank our Prime Associates – in-house and drivers – who are certainly doing their part to keep essential goods moving throughout the nation. We also want to thank our front-line health care workers, and let them know: We support you!”

In April 2020, the COVID-19 unit was completed at Cox South. In just two weeks, the unit went from idea to reality: A shelled floor of the medical center was transformed into a 51-bed, ward-style Intensive Care Ventilator Unit designed to care for a possible surge of COVID-related illness. This addition augmented CoxHealth’s existing resources and beds to support potential patients who need critical inpatient care.

“Thanks to great community collaboration, including partially donated labor and supplies, the cost of the unit was kept at a minimum, but still $700,000 of construction costs remained,” says Steve Edwards, president and CEO of CoxHealth. “Then came Prime, Inc., to make up the difference. I suspect, that for the rest of my life, every time I see a Prime truck rolling down the highway, I will reflect with gratitude for what they did for our community during this time of national crisis. They wrapped their arms around our hospital and our community. So, from one essential provider to another, thank you, Robert and Lawana Low, and the entire team at Prime, Inc.”

The new unit offers even greater opportunity to care for patients, as they will be located in large open spaces as opposed to individual rooms. The change also allows for conservation of Personal Protective Equipment, which is a crucial part of protecting caregivers.

“This is an unprecedented time, but we are encouraged by the many partners who are coming together to serve this community and make a life-changing difference for patients,” says Lisa Alexander, president of the CoxHealth Foundation. “We are extremely appreciative of Prime making this incredibly generous donation, which can impact this region for years to come.”