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CoxHealth COVID – 19: Update to Our Community 8/7

COVID – 19 Updates

From our President & CEO

If you don’t follow our President & CEO Steve Edwards on Twitter (@SDECoxHealth), here’s what you may have missed:

8/6: Persistent Symptoms in Patients After Acute COVID-19 / This helps explain why it is hard to say patients have “recovered”:

8/6: Cox COVID tests percent positive symptomatic patients week ending Aug 1, & Aug 8 (thru the 5th). Ozark 10.38%, 20%, Nixa 25%, 8.7%, Branson 32.42%, 27.72%, Hollister 27.08%, 44.83%, SGF 11.39% 16.97% or 8.8% minus jail. (In April all results were less than 1%) Please be careful.

8/4: This is a terrific presentation by Drs Rachel Orscheln and Jason Newland, Infectious Disease Specialists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital “Helping parents navigate back to school.” This should help inform parents, teachers, and school officials.

8/4: Bad news good news. 1) graph reflects the increasing Covid prevalence in SW Mo counties in the past ten days. About 6 counties have doubled. 2) Graph reflects recent Greene county rolling 7 day positives which is decreasing.