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CoxHealth COVID – 19 Updates – June 11th

From our President & CEO, Steve Edwards

There have been 0 transmissions associated with the 140+ Great Clips  covid exposures. (We are beyond incubation period) The stylist and clients were responsible and wore masks.  This is some of the most compelling data in the country about the value of wearing masks. Please mask.  #MaskUp417

Infectious, symptomatic, not masked.  Again and again.  It is estimated that if 60% of a community wears a mask, (+ physical distance & hygiene) it will reduce the transmission rate of COVID to less than 1.0. This thwarts the disease and allows time for a vaccine. Please mask. #MaskUp417

“…we have seen sizable decreases in new cancer diagnoses (45 percent) and reports of heart attacks (38 percent) and strokes… To prevent further harm, people with serious, complex and acute illnesses must now return to the doctor for care.”