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Covid-19 Billing Hardships Contacts Per Carrier

American Modern:

  • Call Customer Service: 800-543-2644
    • Customers can request a special payment plan to allow insurance premiums to be delayed for 60 days without penalty.

Auto Owners:

  • Contact Billing: 800-288-8740
    • 1) Defer Minimum Due-Amount is divided into equal installments over the remaining number of payments in their payment plan.
    • 2) Payment Extension– Gives a 10-day extention on a non-payment cancellation date. Applies to customers with a good payment history and no other underwriting concerns.
    • 3) Agents can change payment plans ie: Semi-Annual to Monthly


  • Contact Billing: 800-282-1446
    • Customers can suspend the cancellation of some policies and waive late fees effective as of 3/1/20.
    • Encouraging customers to sign up for Online Account access at com


  • Contact Customer Service: 877-566-6001
    • They can adjust customers current bill and waive late fees occurring after 3/1/20.


  • Contact Customer Service: 800-842-5075 or visit com
    • are suspending cancellation & non-renewals due to non-payment through 5/15/20.
    • Not charging interest, late fees or penalties during this time and providing policyholders extra time to pay premiums.

United Fire:

  • Contact Billing: 800-637-6309
    • Discuss billing options with them


  • Contact Customer Service: 800-747-5348
    • Request a deferral of payment or other billing options
    • Coverage will not be interrupted due to non payment


  • Contact Customer Service: 800-527-3905
    • Extending a grace period for late payments until 5/1/20
    • If payment is late, they will send a reminder bill with an extended due date rather than a cancellation


  • Contact Customer Service: 877-776-2436
    • Possible movement of billing due dates where available.
    • Effective 4/1 through 5/15- Customers will not be canceled or non-renewed for non payment of premium.