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Connell’s Cyber Summer Seminar 2020

Held on August 14th, 2020


Cyber Security, COVID-19, & Important Law Updates for Business Leaders in 2020


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Speaker #1: Shane NaugherPresident DaZZee I.T. Services –

Shane is the owner and President of DaZZee I.T. Services has spent the last 25 years designing, building, maintaining and supporting I.T. infrastructures. His experience has spanned the gamut of organizations ranging from a handful of employees to those with thousands of employees spread across multiple states and countries, and industries such as financial institutions, local city government, and hospitals. Shane has been held Professional Engineer level certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, and industry leading security vendors. Shane’s current business – DaZZee I.T. Services provides managed I.T. services and advanced managed security services to small and medium sized businesses in the Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas Markets and has been contracted for services from organizations from Winnipeg Canada, all the way down to the Florida Keys.

Speaker #2: Jennifer Mueller – Attorney at Law with Baird Lighter Millsap

As an employment law attorney, Jennifer has extensive experience and expertise to provide management, supervisors and HR professionals with the tools they need to implement proper documentation processes in their respective organizations.