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Connell’s 2019 Summer Seminar

Friday, July 19th, 2019


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How Does Your Culture Measure Up?

Using best practices for civility and training to strengthen your workplace culture and employee engagement.


First Speaker: Elizabeth Wente – Partner at Spencer Fane LLP

Implementing Practices to Improve Civility in the Workplace

Many HR Professionals continue to encounter an overall issue of conflicts in the workplace. Some of these issues may rise to the level of unlawful harassment or discrimination. However, many times, the day-to-day conflicts deal more with “inappropriate” conduct than “unlawful” conduct. This class will focus on practices that HR Professionals can implement in their workforces to improve the overall civility of the workplace and, in turn, reduce the potential for employee complaints.


Second Speaker: Bernie Dana – Owner/Consultant at Excel Now

What if they stay?

Why is employee training and development often measured as a cost instead of an investment?  What are the key elements of effective training programs?   How does “hope” fit into the training dynamic?  This seminar will engage participants in exploring answers to these questions and much more.  Even better, it will help them explore how to assess and improve their own training programs.