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Connell’s 2019 Spring Seminar

Friday, March 1st, 2019


Navigating the Changing World of Workers’ Compensation

This was our largest event to date…over 200 attendees!

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Featured Speakers:

Kurt Mueller, Chief Administrator with the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation Fraud and Compliance Unit. Discussing the legal obligations from the employee and employer perspectives. Mueller & his team also share how to properly report fraud and what occurs during an investigation at the state level.


Dr. Scott Galligos, DO with Mercy Occupational Medicine. He shares what occurs from a medical provider standpoint when an employee is injured and sent for evaluation.


Mathew Murphy, with the offices of Vessell Bridges Murphy, specializing in representing employers in Workers’ compensation claims. He shares his experiences and opinions on ways to mitigate your organizations legal risk during the Workers’ compensation process. Mr. Murphy also shares insights on potential changes to laws that affect Workers’ compensation claims and judgements as well as the impact of medical marijuana in the work place.


Bonus from John Throckmorton of TOMO Drug Testing

Drug Testing: Proactive or Reactive?