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Connell’s 2018 Occupational Health & Safety Seminar

Held on Friday, July 13th, 2018

Speakers: Mark A. Heidebrecht, MSE, EP-C, CPE/CHFP, and John H. Mundwiller, ASC with Amazima Safety Consulting.

Mark A. Heidebrecht is a board certified ergonomist and board certified exercise physiologist and has over 20 years of experience quantifying job tasks and identifying individual physical abilities and quantifying risk associated with the development of musculoskeletal injury. He will share his expertise on to create aQuality and Productivity Based Ergonomic Process: Evidence Based Ergonomic Risk Analysis, Post-Offer Testing and Return-To-Work”

Part One:

John H. Mundwiller has over 25 years in safety and Risk Management leadership roles with various organizations. John’s talk will focus on “How to ensure your organization is compliant with OSHA regulations, preview upcoming OSHA changes and how to evaluate your facility for potential risks.”

Part Two: