Connell Insurance

Connell Insurance is the largest underwriter of eateries in southwest Missouri.

We know the business. We also know that your standard business insurance plan does not protect you from the most likely lawsuit your business could face.

Bars and restaurants are subject to risks that are of less concern or even non-existent for other types of businesses. You need an insurance provider that knows the level of exposure you face and can offer solutions to protect you against threats.

We offer every type of coverage a business like yours could need: liability to protect you, property and casualty to protect your investment, health and disability to protect your employees, and more. We also offer exclusive coverage products that no other agent in the region can offer.

We’re different from other insurance companies. We do more than copy policies and quote insurance. We get to know your business. We serve as a partner, here to help you mitigate risk.

In addition to providing the best insurance coverage possible, we offer client-exclusive services including human resources consulting and support, staff training resources, and other services to help alleviate some of your operational burdens, so you can focus on the areas of your business that need your attention most.